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Hear what others say about dance path 


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic day of dance yesterday! The children has so much fun and we all feel better about delivering dance to the children!"

Class Teacher & PE Lead - Derwent Lower School 

We had a fantastic dance day with Jenny. The children were really engaged and they managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time with her. Staff came away with some great ideas on how to build dance across the different topics and they are all enthusiastic after the day. 

Class Teacher & PE Lead -

Harlington Lower School 

Jenny worked with some of our most vulnerable students aged 11-13. These students suffer from a range of mental health, self-esteem and confidence issues and Jenny worked with 11 students on a dance routine. Most of these students did not participate in any sport or other activities inside or outside of school. Through participating in the workshops the students learned how to work with each other and formed lasting friendships as a result. They also, amazingly, offered to perform their routine in front of a live audience at the BACE Twinning Conference at the University of Bedfordshire. These students so rarely get the chance to shine and the fact that their work with Jenny enabled them to do so was just wonderful. I was there to watch them perform (twice) and they also took questions from the audience. Just within this short space of time I could see how much their self - confidence had grown and how much they valued the friendship and support they got from their peers. What also shone through was their appreciation for the work that Jenny had done with them and a recognition of how they had grown as young people through the experience. Representatives from other schools have already asked these students to perform to year 5 & 6 students at their schools and talk about the challenges they have faced. During their performances I think it would be fair to say there wasn't a dry eye in the house! 

Dr Brooks - Deputy Principal, Sharnbrook Academy

Class Teacher & PE Lead -

Eversholt Lower School 

Thanks for a great day! 

The children loved it and your training was very helpful - thank you.

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